A Crucial Document in Ripple’s XRP Lawsuit is Being Sealed by the SEC

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A crypto mining firm plans to launch an online marketplace.

The platform will offer exclusive products and experiences that can only be bought with bitcoin.

The Marketplace will be live on March 1, 2023. According to a Tuesday, December 27th Press Release, the firm invites shareholders to register for the site before its launch.

“This has been many decades in the making and we proudly recognize the progress that BitNile Chief Product Officer Douglas Gintz has made, and we look forward to becoming a premier destination for exclusive goods. VIP experiences,” Milton “Todd” Ault III declared in the release.

BitNile, a holding company with a variety of businesses, focuses on acquiring undervalued companies and disruptive technologies. The release states that BitNile has two businesses: a data centre where it mines bitcoins, provides mission-critical products to several industries, and a licensed lending affiliate that extends credit to entrepreneurs.

BitNile has announced that it will fund up to $100,000,000 in commercial loans to small publicly traded companies. This is in line with the April report by PYMNTS. Digital Power Lending, BitNile’s subsidiary, was financing this.

PYMNTS reported Tuesday that 35% of tech-driven customers prefer merchants accepting crypto. With 26% saying they would shop with merchants where crypto is accepted 23% also said they prefer merchants accepting crypto.

While tech-driven consumers, who are the most likely to purchase the latest connected device and are the most open to trying cryptocurrency, make up only 15% of the overall consumer market. However, their decisions regarding technology can often be a preview of how mainstream consumers will behave in the future, according to “Shopping for Cryptocurrency: Tech Driven Consumers Drive Market Acceptance,” which is a joint collaboration between PYMNTS  and BitPay.

To convert a wide cross-sectional consumer market to cryptocurrency users as a payment option, merchants should pay attention to different tech usage styles and how this affects consumers’ willingness to use crypto at check out.

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