Avalanche Ecosystem on Nexo Platform | Buy, Sell, Trade or get Crypto Loans with AVAX Coin as Collateral

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Public blockchain Avalanche (AVAX/USD)’s native token is now live on Nexo. The platform that pioneered crypto-backed credit, now allows users to trade, purchase, save, and borrow against AVAX from one place.

Comprehensive digital finance services since 2018

Nexo was founded in 2018 with a mission to provide comprehensive financial services for the world of digital assets. Having transformed into a highly efficient gateway to DeFi, it gives its growing user base of DeFi enthusiasts greater access to more and more promising ecosystems, including Avalanche.

With Nexo, you can now buy AVAX directly, or you can lend out and borrow against it. Antoni Trenchev, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Nexo, commented:

We believe that Avalanche has what it takes to help build the infrastructure needed to support all kinds of digital and tokenized assets. By integrating AVAX, Nexo is providing liquidity that will ultimately increase developer appetite in the Avalanche ecosystem and lead to its prosperity.

Fast, highly customizable DeFi ecosystem

Nexo chose Avalanche for a partnership because of the latter’s fast, highly customizable DeFi ecosystem as well as the bridge it’s developing to Ethereum (ETH/USD). This has become possible through compatibility with the Solidity programming language, which enables network participants to make transfers and connect between chains easily.

Embracing a multi-chain world

Avalanche’s impressive capacities help the space embrace the huge benefits of a world on multiple chains. This facilitates interaction between networks and helps create increased scalability and functionality.

Leveraging decades of FinTech experience

Nexo is using the most important knowledge of the team and their decades-long FinTech experience with blockchain technology to help users harness the value of their crypto assets and create a new, improved, and more inclusive financial system. The platform offers access to the native currencies of 25 blockchain projects.

Almost 3 million people in over 200 countries can carry out transactions with them.

Benefiting from widespread crypto adoption

Nexo is riding the wave of widespread crypto adoption, including by institutional and retail investors, governments, and companies. Ultimately, all stakeholders will be able to transact easily, securely, and uninterruptedly.

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