Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) With The Nexo Affiliate Program

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Bitcoin doesn’t grow on trees, but you can get it for free when you sign up to Nexo using their referral scheme. The free BTC Nexo affiliate program makes it easier than ever for you to begin your investment journey.
If you’re a crypto investor, you’ve probably heard about Nexo and its mission to bring added utility to your digital assets. Gone are the days when all you can do with your crypto is play the long game. With Nexo, you can take out loans, earn compound interest, exchange crypto, and more.
So, how do you get involved? And, most importantly, how do you claim your crypto using the free BTC Nexo affiliate program? All you have to do is create your account, verify your identity, and top up more than $100 in assets. You’ll bag $10 in BTC instantly, and the reward will be unlocked in 30 days.
The best part about the deal is you don’t have to top up your account using just one type of currency. With Nexo, you can create a basket using any number of cryptocurrencies to back your account. You start earning interest on these assets instantly, but, crucially, you can use them as collateral and take out a loan using an Instant Crypto Credit Line.
Let’s dive in and investigate the Nexo platform in more detail, so you can see why this has got investors so excited.

What is Nexo?

Founded in 2018, Nexo is headquartered in London, and is disrupting the financial system by combining crypto trading with fiat currency loans. The world of digital assets is still relatively new and has never had the professional financial services that we know and love with traditional currency.
What does that mean for you as a user? Basically, the platform is trying to solve some of the biggest issues that we have in the crypto space.

How many times have you rolled your eyes at how long it’s taken to access the liquidity of your digital assets? And don’t get me started on platform security. It seems like every month there’s a new horror story.
Nexo places trust at the forefront of its agenda using transparent blockchain contracts to guarantee asset ownership. When you add crypto to your Nexo account, you retain full control. Whether it’s the Bitcoin you’ve earned through the free BTC Nexo affiliate program, ETH, or any other currency, it’s fully secure.
But once you’re up and running, you get a ton of utility that you’re probably not accustomed to in the crypto space. Let’s take a look:

Earn on your idle crypto

Earn 12% APR with Nexo

With Nexo, you get 12% APR on both your digital assets and your fiat savings. This gives you a whole new level of control over how you want to grow your wealth and, to make life easier, interest is paid out daily.

Sign up and deposit $100 or more to claim your BTC rewards on Nexo.

Borrow Cash Instantly

Nexo Loan with Smart Credit Line

Take out cash in over 40 fiat currencies, available across more than 200 jurisdictions. You can tap into this instant credit line from $50 to $2,000,000, with guaranteed approval and no credit checks.

Exchange across 150+ market pairs

Nexo Exchange – 150+ supported pairs of coins

Real-time exchanges take the stress and hassle out of crypto trading. It’s ideal if you’re new to the space, but equally handy if you have experience. You can swap directly from the Nexo Wallet App and get peace of mind knowing that every order is executed instantly.

The Nexo Card

Nexo Card

Unlock the full value and potential of your crypto without selling your assets. You can order the card easily through the mobile app, and it’s accepted worldwide by over 40 million merchants. You get instant cashback on every purchase, and there are never any fees to worry about.

The Nexo Token

Nexo Token

Another way you can use the platform is to invest in the native token and get access to a range of bonuses and discounts through the loyalty program. With this token, you get up to 60% higher yields and up to 5 free crypto withdrawals a month.

How does Nexo work?

So, you love the idea of getting free Bitcoin with the free BTC Nexo affiliate program, and taking out an instant cash loan is fantastic. But how does it all work? Thankfully, Nexo runs on a pretty simple three-step process.
First, you deposit your crypto assets. Nexo will automatically calculate the amount available to you, and this is completely dynamic based on how much your assets appreciate in value.
From there, you receive your loan quickly, and can withdraw it in one lump sum or in smaller parts. You only pay interest on what you actually spend.
Then, when you’re ready to repay the loan, Nexo has a simple solution. It’s easy enough to repay the loan completely through a bank transfer, and you can choose to pay with crypto if you prefer. You’re then free to withdraw your crypto from the Nexo account.
Risk is reduced at every stage of the process because you’re only borrowing a set percentage of your crypto value. This helps to protect against defaults.
If your assets ever do drop in value, you get notified right away, and you’ve got a few ways of dealing with the situation. You can either add more crypto to cover the loss, or pay off some of your loan. If you can’t make the repayment, Nexo will sell a portion of your collateral to rebalance the account.

Nexo puts you first

All this utility is made easier by putting you in full control, and you can manage your account through the Nexo app on your smartphone. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play, and you can use it to access your wallet, withdraw funds, and repay your loan.
Everything’s been designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. You’re unlikely to hit a snag or get stuck, but if you do, you’ve got three different ways to contact customer support. Live chat is available, so you can instantly connect with an agent. If your concern isn’t urgent, the online messaging portal is easy to use, and there’s always email if you’d prefer.
Hopefully that clears up any questions you have over the free BTC Nexo affiliate program. All that’s left to do is sign up and grab your free crypto!

NexoFly readers can claim their $10 BTC reward on Nexo.


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