Nexo Pro App Offers OCO, Smart Order & TWAP Algo Crypto Trading | Take Profit With Zero Slippage & 50% Fee Discount

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Nexo Pro App Offers OCO, Smart Order & TWAP Algo Crypto Trading | Take Profit With Zero Slippage & 50% Fee Discount

Innovating in the digital asset space, Nexo recently launched Nexo Pro, the first global trading platform that offers retail clients institutional-grade aggregated liquidity with no minimum funding requirements and at near zero cost. The Nexo Pro platform offers advanced spot, margin, and futures trading capabilities with virtually near-zero slippage. The product is available to all five million Nexo customers at a discount of up to 50% on standard fees. NEXO Token holders will benefit from new trading incentives in the months to come.

Nexo Pro is a game-changer for the individual trader as it introduces sophisticated tools – such as the advanced TWAP (Time-Weighted Average Price) orders used by large institutions – into the everyday trading stack of the non-technical user. In another industry-first, Nexo Pro combines its own order book with those of world-leading trading venues and market makers, to give users access to the broad market, both in a single user interface and via API.

Nexo Pro Features

  • Efficient access to aggregated spot and futures liquidity from the 10+ biggest crypto trading venues, using a single account. Near-zero slippage of trade executions, both when buying and selling.
  • Integration with all existing Nexo services (Earn, Spend, Borrow). Seamless transition from earning yield on cryptocurrencies to trading them, and vice-versa, with free and instant asset transfers.
  • Limit and market orders as well as Take Profit and Stop Loss functionalities, with trailing, OCO, and Smart orders and many more to be added soon.
  • Short and long margin* trading with up to 5x leverage on 90+ market pairs.
  • Out-of-the-box strategies such as built-in TWAP orders and basis trading for enhanced alpha-generation.
  • Perpetual futures contracts settled in USDT with the ability to open both long and short positions (incl. leverage) to place directional plays or hedge individual positions or entire portfolios.
  • API gateways for advanced users – an additional interface to access deep liquidity.
  • Reserves audited in real time, top-tier platform security, and $775M custodial insurance through partnerships with industry-leading custodians.

Nexo Pro is available globally in a single intuitive interface and through the REST & WebSocket APIs. Initially accessible on desktop, Nexo Pro will soon launch on mobile with a private beta of the Nexo Pro app.

“Nexo Pro is the result of a long exploration in the world of retail and institutional trading. We’ve tried and tested its underlying features – the best prices across 420 liquidity pools, the tightest bid/ask spread, near-zero slippage, automated TWAP and basis trading – as part of our institututional prime brokerage platform Nexo Prime. We are now passing this most advanced trading performance to our 5M+ customers at near zero cost and are set to revolutionize retail trading globally,” said Yasen Yankov, Nexo’s VP of Product Development.

Nexo Pro is a gateway to professional-like trading for retail customers. We are the first platform to offer institutional-grade liquidity aggregation with this many venues as pure-play exchanges usually prefer to settle exclusively within their own order books. As a crypto lender, Nexo is able to source liquidity from 3,000 order books and guarantee our customers the best possible quote for their spot, margin, or futures trades, so they don’t have to go looking for it themselves. We expect Nexo Pro to quickly become the first choice for those striving to outperform the average trader, and do so in the most secure way.

Kosta Kantchev, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Nexo

With the launch of this advanced trading platform, Nexo – which now boasts over five million users – marks yet another milestone to solidify its position as the only 360-degree crypto super-app with wallet, lending, custody, and professional trading capabilities, among other verticals in its roadmap.

In the coming weeks, Nexo will introduce additional token utilities giving NEXO Token holders the ability to reduce trading fees and pay those using $NEXO. By building on top of its existing benefits (lower borrowing rates, higher savings yields, free withdrawals), the NEXO Token will combine the utilities of both exchange and lending tokens into a single asset, creating extraordinary value for holders. This upgrade will start a new chapter in the evolution of the token and set the stage for the next edition of Nexonomics, the company’s program aimed at driving value and utility for its native token.

So far in 2022, Nexo has launched the Nexo Card, a first-of-its-kind crypto-backed card in partnership with Mastercard and DiPocket; rolled out its institutional-grade trading and custody platform Nexo Prime; invested in over 50 early stage web3 companies through Nexo Ventures. Looking ahead, Nexo will continue to expand its product lineup into new markets and uncharted, decentralized crypto territories.

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