Crypto Market Analyst Willy Woo Predicts One Catalyst Will Attract High Net Worth Investors

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Willy Woo, a top on-chain analyst is expressing confidence in the fact that the collapse of FTX will not dissuade traditional financial investors from investing in Bitcoin, and other digital assets.

Woo tells 1 million followers on Twitter that high-net worth investors who aren’t subject to regulatory restrictions have spotted an entry opportunity, despite the common belief that the collapse of FTX could set the crypto market back many years.

“Many believe the FTX crisis has thrown the industry off its feet for many years. But, it is in contradiction to what I have heard. Traditional finance capital managers see an opportunity now. They believe Bitcoin and crypto will be around forever and that it has been derisked.

This is traditional finance. It’s high-net-worth investment that is exempt from regulations on mainstream retail. This is where the bulk of traditional financial capital is located.

As you can see, a significant chunk of retail has already arrived. Bitcoin has changed the status quo.”

Woo speaks out about Bitcoin’s current price. She says that the main reason Bitcoin has survived the storm in an unfavorable macroeconomic environment was because long-term owners continue to accumulate.

“Buying spot, adding to their stack.” Buying spot and adding.”

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