Hong Kong Joins the Conflux Network

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Hong Kong Government invited Dr. Ming Wu as Co-Founder of Conflux Network to discuss tech innovation through Web3 in Hong Kong and how Conflux Network could play an active role in this development. Dr. Ming Wu spoke with the heads of several institutions, as well as reception staff, during the visit. This was in accordance with the October “Policy Declaration on the Development of Hong Kong Virtual Assets”.

Conflux Tree-Graph Public Chain

Many Hong Kong-based blockchain and crypto companies have been shifting their business to more friendly locations in the last few years as a result of stringent COVID-19 Travel Control Measures and regulatory uncertainty. This policy is a major refocus on digital assets. It coincides also with the launch of two exchange-traded bitcoin funds in Hong Kong.

Conflux Tree Graph public chain was created by Dr. Ming Wu. Our chain is compliant, free, and open to all. It has over 3000+ TPS, 5000+ networks and 0.5s block generation. It offers 2-3 orders of magnitude better throughput, confirmation speed, and cost than the international first-generation public blockchain “Bitcoin” or the second-generation open-source public blockchain “Ethereum”. The system is ranked first in the world.

Dr. Ming Wu stated that Hong Kong’s open environment for cryptocurrency provides more opportunities and benefits for practitioners in the Web3/Metaverse, particularly for those hailing from China. Here, people are more open to implementing technology and business innovations according to their own rules. This will facilitate the integration of Web3 into traditional internet markets and economies, which will maximize its value. By expanding to Hong Kong, Conflux can implement a completely different strategy and become the foundation to realize Hong Kong’s Web3 vision.

Conflux Network has been named a possible unicorn, a private startup company worth more than $1billion, in the Emerging Giants Asia Pacific joint research from HSBC & KPMG. One of only five blockchain companies to be included on this prestigious list.

Conflux is a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain that connects decentralized economics across borders. Conflux is a new hybrid PoW/PoS blockchain that has just migrated. Conflux provides a fast secure and scalable environment for decentralized economies across borders and protocols with low fees, zero congestion, and enhanced network security.

Conflux is China’s only regulation-compliant public cryptocurrency. It provides a unique advantage for projects that are looking to expand or build in Asia. Conflux collaborates with top brands and government agencies in the region on blockchain and metaverse initiatives, including Oreo and McDonald’s China.

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