Polygon Network Flash Loans on Nexo Exchange | Earn Daily Interest Rates and Staking Rewards on MATIC

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Nexo’s digital assets portfolio is expanding at light speed. Polygon’s MATIC has now become available on the cryptocurrency exchange for community members to buy, swap, borrow against, and to earn impressive interest.

Buy, Swap, Earn, Borrow Polygon (MATIC) Instantly

Users can buy MATIC on the exchange and receive it instantly in their wallets. Exchanging MATIC on Nexo is also instant. Under the current promotions, users can earn as much as 20% interest on MATIC paid out daily. They can continue to earn high yields in the long run. Lastly, Polygon’s native token can be used as collateral to borrow at rates as low as 6.9% APR.

Achieving Blockchain Interoperability and Scalability

Polygon’s multichain network runs on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling blockchain networks to achieve interoperability outside of Ethereum’s primary chain. Parachains are becoming increasingly important. In line with this, progressive platforms like Nexo customize their services to increase blockchain resources to achieve industry-wide scalability and interoperability.

Buying MATIC on NEXO

Buying MATIC on Nexo is safe, instant, and effortless. The following pairs are available:


Earning on MATIC

Nexo’s Earn Crypto Interest enables users to grow a passive income effortlessly. If you buy MATIC on the exchange before January 3, 2022, you’re eligible for up to 20% daily interest. The exact interest rate depends on the tier. For each tier, the following promo rates apply:

  • Platinum: Маximum rate – 20%. Standard rate – 16%.
  • Gold: Маximum rate – 17%. Standard rate – 13%.
  • Silver: Маximum rate – 16.25%. Standard rate – 12.25%.
  • Base: Маximum rate – 13%. Standard rate – 10%.

Borrowing against MATIC

Last but not least, users can take advantage of Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ to borrow stablecoins or cash against MATIC at rates starting from 6.9% APR. The upper limits are quite high – it’s possible to borrow as much as $2 million.

What’s more, requests can be approved within seconds. No personal data or credit checks are needed. Borrowers can pay off their loans at any time. They can make installment payments or pay off the loan in full.

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