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Rocky Inu (ROCKY) is the latest crypto meme project to hit the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) after officially launching on November 28, 2021. The project’s token, which is based on a cute Rocky Inu puppy, crushed BSC during liftoff and set its trajectory to rocket all the way to the moon.

Team Rocky’ aims to create the healthiest meme coin on BSC, one that rewards holders and grows the community with charitable incentives. The Rocky Inu project leverages the craze around Shiba Inu-inspired meme coins to create a low cap gem with huge moonshot potential.

ROCKY has the backing of some of the biggest influencers in the crypto world that should help the doggy-themed token take flight and land on the moon.

Successful ROCKY Tokens Presale on Pinksale Launchpad and their Anti-Rug Pull System

Early-bird investors were offered an opportunity to bag ROCKY tokens in a massive presale that took place between November 6-28, 2021. The fundraiser, held on the Pinksale launchpad, attracted a record 2500+ contributors who bet on ROCKY to emerge as the hottest meme coin built for long-term success.

Rocky Inu has locked 85% of presale liquidity in PancakeSwap, guaranteeing that the project backers won’t attempt to rug pull investors. Furthermore, 50% of the total token is locked with an anti-rug system, demonstrating to everyone that the project is here for the long haul.

Investors who participated in the presale can claim their tokens on Pinksale. Crypto enthusiasts who are looking for a low cap coin with 1000x potential can buy ROCKY on PancakeSwap using this link.

BSC Gem ROCKY – Tokenomics and Automated Crypto Passive Income Generator

After crushing BSC on its launch, team Rocky can now get on with the business of growing its community and reaching token holders.

The project deploys robust tokenomics that tax charges zero fees on all buy transactions to incentivize holding. All token holders earn a passive income simply for keeping ROCKY in their wallets. They can sit back and watch their wallet balance grow automatically.

The protocol taxes 15% fees from all non-buy transactions, with three percent going to automatic reflection for token holders. Three percent of the tax amount is burned to maintain ROCKY’s deflationary status.

A further three percent of fees charged on non-buy transactions will provide automatic liquidity on the Rocky Inu pool, helping raise the price floor and reduce volatility.

The remaining six percent goes into the marketing wallet to enable Rocky Inu to grow its community via a well-orchestrated promotion campaign. The approach of rewarding coin holders and charging zero buy fees makes ROCKY a real gem with 1000x potential that can thrive on BSC based on its great idea.

Moreover, the burn process that periodically takes tokens out of circulation helps the canine-themed coin fulfill its vast upside potential.

Transparent Crypto Meme Project Rocky Inu

The Rocky Inu backers are committed to instilling investor confidence in their red-hot meme project. To this end, they have subjected their code to an audit by InterFi Network, a leader in smart contract security. Moreover, the project is fully KYC doxxed to foster transparency in the crypto community.

Team Rocky aspires to keep users engaged via regular AMAs. They also reward participants with token giveaways, helping the community grow and transform ROCKY into the most fantastic meme token on BSC.

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