The Ledger Stax: Potentially A Killer Crypto App

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Ledger is a well-known manufacturer of cold storage wallets for cryptocurrency, Nano S and Nano X. This week, Ledger unveiled the Ledger Stax product with an “E Ink Touchscreen.”

Cold storage is becoming more critical than ever in light of the FTX crisis and millions of dollars worth of digital assets locked up by third parties. Here are some reasons why Ledger Stash could be a game-changer for the crypto industry.

Ledger Releases New Cold Storage Wallet

LedgeStax is currently available for preorder at a price of $279, with free delivery estimated for March 2023. This is the latest design to join Ledger Nano S, and S devices which are staples in cold storage.

Ledger keeps your private keys secure on the device. This ensures uncompromising security.

Stax differentiates itself from other Ledger products through the inclusion of an “E” touchscreen that can be customized using an NFT or personalized with a photo.

It also has Bluetooth and wireless charging technology.

The Ledger Stax Could Be the Killer App for Cryptocurrencies

Motorola introduced the first handheld mobile phone in the 1970s. As the internet became a popular trend in the 1990s, mobile phones still looked like big rectangular boxes. The antennas were much larger than your head.

Apple’s iPhone and its touchscreen made mobile phones indispensable. The form factor was critical to the success of the first iPhones, but it was the touchscreen’s user-friendliness and visual appeal that made them revolutionary products.

The Ledger Stax represents the first step to making a cryptocurrency wallet more attractive, more functional, and something you’d want to have around. It is also the first way to expose NFTs beyond your computer or mobile phone.

The most impressive thing about the device is its touchscreen. Asset security is becoming a hot topic due to the many defunct cryptocurrency companies and the frenzied hacks at DeFi. Those new to cryptocurrency might feel intimidated when using a USB-like device. Instead, they could feel more at home using something that is familiar to their hands. This makes it one of the must-have apps crypto users should have.

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