Biggest Bitcoin Whale Moves Millions worth of Crypto as BTC reaches All Time High in 2021

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A Bitcoin whale, who has been silent for eight years, has suddenly become active again moving more than $148 million worth of BTC.

According to, the address first received 2,207 BTC on October 7th, 2013, when that amount of Bitcoin was worth $282,264.

The BTC remained in the wallet until Wednesday when they were transferred to two other addresses. One address received 300 bitcoins, while the other received over 1900 bitcoins, valued at more than 524 times the original price in 2013.

In terms of fees, the $148.1 million transactions were processed for only 0.000219 BTC, equal to $14.69 at the time of execution.

The long-dormant sending whale wallet has received trace amounts of Bitcoin several times over the last eight years, though those transactions appear to be dusting attacks, where hackers and scammers send minuscule amounts of a cryptocurrency (dust) to a large number of personal wallets in an attempt to break the wallet holders’ privacy.

The crypto tracker Whale Alert first spotted the movement.

The mega transaction took place on the same day that Bitcoin hit a new all-time high of $69,044. BTC has since given back a chunk of its weekly gains, now sitting at $65,186.

Transactions from long-dormant wallets typically drum up media interest because they generate chatter speculating that the BTC could be owned by Bitcoin’s secretive creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Blockchain analysts estimate Nakamoto mined one million BTC, starting with the first 50 BTC reward for the genesis block on January 3rd, 2009. Nakamoto’s involvement with the Bitcoin project ended in mid-2011.

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