Top USA Cities for Cryptocurrency Job Market 2021 | Best Bitcoin Hotspots for Certified Experts and Professionals

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A new study reveals the top US cities where companies have hired the most crypto professionals this year.

LinkedIn, who conducted the research for Bloomberg, considers a crypto hire as any member of the online professional networking site who took a new job with titles containing keywords like “crypto,” “blockchain,” “Bitcoin,” “Ethereum” and “Solidity” in the first nine months of 2021.

“The data is meant to serve as a rough proxy for the broader crypto job market, but by design, it will only capture crypto specialists, and not, for instance, a human resources worker for a crypto company.”

Adjusting for population, data from the study revealed San Francisco Bay employed the largest number of crypto workers this year. Based on the analysis, firms in the city hired four crypto professionals per 100,000 members of LinkedIn living in the metropolitan area.

Next on the list is Austin with three crypto hires per 100,000 LinkedIn members. Meanwhile, New York City, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Denver, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, Salt Lake City and Portland have made at least two crypto hires for every 100,000 LinkedIn members.

Looking at cities with the largest shares of crypto specialist jobs, New York City is at the top with a market share of 18.3%, followed by San Francisco at 12.2%.

Source: Bloomberg

The Bloomberg study also notes that more than half of crypto jobs in the US are scattered across the country.

“…the remaining 53% of crypto jobs in the study were dispersed elsewhere in relatively small chunks, the data show.”

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